Tatanka Means is an accomplished actor, motivational speaker and stand-up comedian from Chinle, Arizona.  His most recent film credits include leading roles in the newly released films Sedona, The Host and Tiger Eyes based on the adaptation by author, Judy Blume.  Tatanka also preforms with the popular comedy group, 49 Laughs Comedy.  His ambition and perseverance have taken him from his home on the reservation to traveling across the country sharing laughter and spreading inspiration. He has become a much-needed positive role model for all American Indian and First Nations youth. 

Jerry Wolf - Derby Kings

Jerry Wolf

Wolf moved to Oklahoma pursuing a baseball career before returning to Los Angeles in 2010 to portray the character Four Winds in his first short film “Four Winds” (2012), written and produced by Wolf and Nicholas Brokaw. Currently Wolf maintains a small personal training clientele in Malibu while working commercially as an actor and print model in Los Angeles, represented by Ford Models and JLA Talent.


Written & Directed by
Valerie Bischoff
Produced by
Mayuran Tiruchelvam
John Foss & Winter Carrera
Director of Photography
Ryan Baker
Art Director
Andrew Ellmaker
Valerie Bischoff & Judah-Lev Dickstein

Production Manager
Winter Carrera
First Assistant Director
Mayuran Tiruchelvam
Casting By
Tara J. Ryan


Megaphone Woman
Jane Stillwater
Vernell Trulson
Brittany R. Mayson
Mud Girl
Christin Booth


2nd Assistant Directors
Nick Brokaw
Kelly Czarnik
Key Production Assistants
Angeline Quintilla
Michael John Lapid
Location Production Assistant
Eric Bischoff
Production Assistants
Jeffrey Pesner
Paul Hutchinson
Robert Aker
Animal Handler
Mike Burke
1st Assistant Camera
Lawrence Coleman III
Tyler McPherron
Key Grip
Isaac Brooks
Thomas Guyer
Brian Sizer
Austin Pratt
Dominic López
Tim Gaer
Nino Paternostro
Steadicam Operator
Jessica Lopez
Digital Downloader
Kyle Walker Akins
Still Photographer
Chris Carnel
B Unit Director of Photography
Andrew Ellmaker
B Unit 1st Assistant Camera
Dominic López
B Unit 1st Assistant Director
Nick Brokaw
Additional 1st Assistant Director
Kaleb Temple
Production Sound Mixer
Wil Masisak
Additional Sound Mixer
Stephen Zideck
Stunt Coordinator
Jason Mitchell
Stunt Drivers
Jason Mitchell
Mike Mueller
Picture Car
Barry “Bear” Mitchell and Family
Chevy Biscayne
John Ziegler
Hair and Makeup
Edin Carpenter
Assistant Hair and Makeup
Reese Conway
Arika Domanick
Craft Services
Vicki Bischoff
Greg Bischoff
Sound Designer
Brian Langman
John Ludwick
Jawsh Dean Hageman
Music Recordist
Justin Morales
Visual Effects
The Molecule
VFX Supervisor
Luis De Leon
Digital Intermediate
Off Hollywood
DI Editor/Colorist
TJ Seiller
DI Producer
Ben Laffin

Written by John Ludwick
Performed by John Ludwick and Jawsh Dean Hageman

Written by John Ludwick
Performed by John Ludwick and Jawsh Dean Hageman

Written by John Ludwick
Performed by John Ludwick and Jawsh Dean Hageman

Written by John Ludwick
Performed by Cathedral Ghost


Princess Grace Foundation
Lyon County Fair Board: Lisa Tibbals
Yerington Demolition Derby: John Fielding
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

  • Richard Becker
  • Greg & Vicki Bischoff
  • Tom & Patty Fleming
  • Paul Friman
  • Paul Goldenberg
  • Richard Hass
  • Dave & Debbie Kladney
  • Joseph Kyle Kozar
  • Leslie Cristine Kozar
  • Darrell Larson
  • Laurie Thomas
  • Mitchell Tobey
  • Randy & Heather Nixon
  • Barry & Jeannie Pesner
  • Steven & Michele Pesner
  • Stan & Lila Pesner
  • Robert & Linda Redhead
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  • Hilary Brougher
  • Richard Brick
  • Trey Ellis
  • Bette Gordon
  • David Gutnik
  • Michael Hausman
  • Sabine Hoffman
  • Tom Kalin
  • Scott Keller
  • Gerry Kim
  • Cristoph Kushnig
  • Eric Mendelsohn
  • Nicholas Proferes
  • Maureen Ryan
  • Peter Vaughan
  • Andrea Adams
  • Dawn Adams
  • Heidi Adams
  • John C. Ardussi
  • Charity Baker
  • Jill Becker
  • Steve Becker
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  • Sue Cacibauda
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  • Omar De Leon
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  • Brant Smith
  • Andrew Stanbridge
  • Kerry Stevens
  • Kaleb Temple
  • Christina Thee
  • Paul Twidt
  • Janet Walker
  • Cassady Winston
  • Shawn Wines

The Intertribal Friendship House in Oakland, California • The American Indian Families Partnership

Produced in partial fulfillment of the MFA Degree in the Columbia University Graduate Film Division

Derby Kings is a sponsored project of IFP

Filmed on Location in

  • Fallon, Nevada
  • Mound House, Nevada
  • Nixon, Nevada
  • Yerington, Nevada

Princes Grace Award - Derby Kings